What's New with the Generic Scene drivers for Enbrighten switches in 2.3.4?

Just wondering. What's new about the Enbrighten drivers in 2.3.4?

Well, I just upgraded to and tried it on one of my many GE Enbrighten toggle switches. I programmed one switch (SA) to toggle another GE Enbrighten toggle switch upon pressing button 3 of the former switch. Nothing happens when I physically press button 3, which is the same as pushing up on the toggle switch twice. If I press button 3 on the device page, the rule works (the other device toggles). It also does not have some of other nice features that @JasonJoel 's driver has, (clip below).

(Note: I changed the title for more accuracy._

The way I read the release notes (and maybe I am wrong) is they added support for these devices, or maybe more specifically they added these so they automatically detect instead of getting the generic driver, or the Device driver.

I don't think they changed or added features, if that is what you were hoping for. I think they would have mentioned adding more controls or buttons or whatever.

I don't recall the older driver doing scenes, which I equate to buttons. This one exposes the switch's 6 button capability, but it doesn't work, as noted above. It's still generic. Even if it did work, @JasonJoel 's driver is better because it enables alternate exclusion, and of course, associations. I've used both of these features with success, as well as button (scene?) rules with the GE/Jasco switches.

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