What wled controller is best with hubitat?


Starting to look into rgbw lights and was wondering if theres a certain one that’s better with hubitat to use?


I took a brief journey to wled land and I used the community driver WLED:

Brief journey……does that mean you gave up using it eventually?

No.. I got it working but then had to do the REAL work of creating a 30foot long run, power from the middle, putting the electronics in a weatherproof container.. on top of a ladder.

It's all still on my ToDo list :smiley:

In other words, I bench tested it, but then put it away... waiting on an urgency to build the Production version.

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Haha that’s fair enough!

I was thinking of using it indoors so should be a little easier. Any particular brand of board and light that is best?

I've only ever used:

As to LEDs, there are too many choices. I picked a 12V set because I imagine the voltage drop will be easier to manage over the number of feet I need/want. For a short run, like in my Kid's room, I might pick 5v.


I did not try WLED but came across Pixelblaze and very happy with this toy.
As of now I have 7 Pixelblaze projects running.
And yes, higher voltage is better. There are even 24V strips exist but one
Pixel is 6 LEDs. I have one going.

I have a fair few leds running through wled/esp8266.

However, the number of segments are limited which has complicated some of my projects. It's time to simplify.

Can anyone recommend which chip to use with wled, to allow say, 20 segments? Nothing complicated. I just use it as led indicators.