What notificationare supposed to be displayed?

In the app, what notifications are supposed to be displayed on the notifications tab under tools? Mine is always blank, even though I do get notifications pushed to my phone from the app.

Do you have more than one hub? If so, check which one you are logged into in the mobile app

Yes. 2 hubs. Both are blank notifications. (in the app)

Hmmm.... That is odd. A couple more things you may want to check are:

Is there only one device setup on each hub representing your phone? I did have a situation a while ago where I somehow managed to have two devices setup on my HE hub. The simplest way to check this may be something you have done already, when you change hub on the Settings tab in the mobile app, you are prompted to select your device. I'm assuming here that you are still prompted even if you only have one mobile device, I could be wrong...

Once you know what device you are logged onto the hub with, make sure the notifications you are receiving are being sent to that "device" representing your phone, and not through some other method. So open the app in the HE hub that is sending the notifications to make sure that is how it is configured. I guess what I am saying is make sure you are not using some third party app or service.

Otherwise I'm not sure...


For me, a simple deinstall/reinstall solved the issue


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