What is this?

I have had this since I was in grade school. Going through my stuff now that I am retired.

These forums have a lot of people intelligent in more areas than I.

I see 2 outputs with an output transformer, two pads marked B+ and B-, an IC marked CD4009AE and RCA 435 which crosses to a CMOS hex buffer/converter. The other chip is marked NS440 and L311-1

I kept this all these years for a reason.

The solder job looks amateurish, and I don’t remember building it.

It's the first step of a paperweight... cast it into some Resin and the project will be complete.



Looks like some sort of signal inverter.... Looking up the l311 chip that does hex... The coil and resistors would clean up input signal to output to another board. Could legit be used for sound... My knowledge is limited though.

In the electronics recycling bin. Thanks