What is the best way to connect my Hue Bridge?


I just received my Hubitat hub, so I am very new here.
I have a novice question. What is the best way to connect my Hue Bridge?

I need to connect the Hue Bridge to my Hubitat so I can use the button controller. (I want to control my Hue lamps with my Lutron Pico).

At the same time, I would like to make scenes in Apple Home so I can use Siri. Shall I connect the Hue Bridge just to Hubitat and connect Hubitat to Apple Home? Or shall I connect the Hue Bridge to Hubitat and Apple Home?

I am looking for the simplest way, but speed and reliability is even more important to me.

Thank you for your help.

This. Otherwise you will need to be running Homebridge and an app on Hubitat to communicate to Homekit. I have Homebridge set up and still connected Hue to Hubitat and Homekit. If Hubitat is down (which is very rare for me), I can still control Hue from Homekit.


You'll need a Lutron Caseta SmartBridge Pro L-BDGPRO2.

Thanks for your reply. I assume it does not impact speed/reliability if the Hue bridge is connected to both?
I forgot to mention that I also have Hoobs so I can expose Lutron Pico directly to Apple Home. But as you mentioned above, connecting the Hue Bridge to both is still better.

Thank you for the information. Yes, I am aware of it. I have an RA2 Select Hub since we don't have Caseta in Europe. :slight_smile:

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Connecting Hue Bridge via Hue Bridge Integration is the recommended solution. It doesn't impact performance of the Hue bridge, Hubitat or any other platform that Hue bridge may be linked to.


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