What is benefit or setting Param 21 (A/C Power Type) and Param 22 (Switch Type)

I have a C7 hub running and an Inovelli Red Dimmer on their firmware 1.61 otz (0) and 1.45 bin (1).

I did set Param 21 (A/C Power Type) to neutral and Param 22 (Switch Type) to Load only for this switch. But what is benefit or setting them? I know I'd only have to do it once for each switch, but with about 30 switches I don't want to bother if there really isn't any benefit to doing it. I assume there must be, or why would those params be there otherwise?

It allows the switch to operate optimally in other than “standard” configuration, i.e. no-neutral, 3-way, no-load, etc.

That's kind of what I was guessing. So is seems there is no real need to bother with those for any switch with a load and neutral, correct? (Would have been nice if they had Neutral and Load as the default).

While I do have neutrals on all of my switch, some of them are in a 3 way situation. (But they are done via associations or rules - they are not wired together like a traditional 3 way was). Should I set Param 22, Switch type? And if, so, what is the difference between 3-way Toggle and 3-way Momentary, how do I pick which to use, and a noobie question, what is 3-way momentary?


They do. :slight_smile: See the default values for all parameters in the manual: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/api/kbArticles/407409000007752479/locale/en/attachments/1abnfa5822ce11f1e4dfe9a7306effa38a8cf/content?portalId=edbsn8bb12d5f5a97d693e61ce4ce8a23f8b0e323eac44a6c2794f893e912acf005df&inline=true

Also, I think parameter 22 (switch type) is different from described in the post above. It is regarding how the switch works if in a three-way setup as opposed to single pole, and then the options are for what type it switch the second switch is (dumb or aux). The "load only" setting means single pole, i.e., no traveler and just load (plus line and optionally neutral per the other setting).

Couple of points. Many Params say what the default is right in the Device in Hubitat (at least). So, I would like to have seen it there too.

I looked at the online manual, and you are right that what Param 22 actually says in the device is different than the manual. The manual says 0 is a single switch, 1 is a dumb switch and 2 is and aux switch.

Since I just installed 1.61 otz and 1.45 bin, why doesn’t the manual match what is actually installed?

Even from the time I first starting installing Inovelli devices back in February, I found the official manual doesn’t match what the Params actually say. The manual is just a PDF document. How hard can it possibly be to keep that up to date? If it is, then they should just make it a Word or Google doc and post that for the params.

If they can’t do that, how much attention are they paying to everything else? It reminds me of why Van Halen put they were only to have no brown M&Ms in their performance rider - It wasn’t that they cared about the M&Ms, it was because they knew that if that wasn’t followed they couldn’t trust the venue with anything else.

But, I digress. I use 2 Inovelli switches in all my 3 way situations. So they don’t seem to match any of the 3 choices, but since they aren’t a dumb or auxiliary switch I’m assuming they are 0.

That is a function of the driver, not the device itself, but I looked at Inovelli's driver and it appears they note this for many (but not all) parameters. I'm not sure what Hubitat's built-in driver does--or which one you're using. (I'm not using either; I wrote my own since I wasn't a huge fan of either.)

In general, however, most will default to no selection, and then the device will just use whatever the default is--so no need to change anything unless you don't like the default behavior. And not having anything selected in the UI should be fine.

I didn't mean that it was different, just that it wasn't related to whether you had a load connected to the switch (which you almost always would)--this just looks like different phrasing of the same idea. In any case, Inovelli's drivers are normally correct (I know there was a typo for something else in the original manual).

Some of the newer firmware updates have added parameters, but it doesn't look like they've made an updated manual. I assume this is what you mean? The changelog should mention this, but I agree that it would be nice to have something authoritative for the current version. They are working on documentation on their site now, and I suspect this will be more easily find-able in the future

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