What i did incase of a water leak

I had a small water leak in my Laundry room, hopefully this never happens again with my small modifications..

I got a zigbee water sensor and a zigbee water shut off device..

At first, i hooked up the water shut off directly to the pip as the directions says.. but i felt it was not reliable and would soon brake!

I have came up with the idea to cut and fit the water shut off device into a peace of wood so its not moving around when shutting off the handle..

Ill be doing something simpler for gas pips.

This post is for anyone thats looking for alternatives...

Here is the video I made so you can see...


That's neat. You could probably get some perforate metal strips to replace the wire with. A few bolts, washers, and nuts later and you could go two way.

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Yes, this was just a test, ill be doing it with steel rod... but in Stainless steel..


I use a dome and it works great. Getting a bulldog for the gas line.

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I installed a Zooz Titan a few weeks back and it seems to be pretty solid. I did have a leak sensor go off about a week and a half after install and it did its job.


Is there a link to the zigbee shutoff valve? I've only ever seen zwave

Yes Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Gas Water Valve Controller SmartThings APP Remote Control | eBay

But this is Canada .. you may be able to find one in your country..

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