What Have You Contributed?

Calm down.... We are in "the Lounge"... I started this two hours ago... :slight_smile: . If nothing else this is a prompt to stop and think what you have provided to the Community. Not to say you need to spell it out here in detail....

For some, adding to the HE Community will be responding to peoples call for help / support. For others it will be confirming support for devices and how best to use them. For some it will be support for Community developed content (These people should be "elevated" :wink: , particularly those who support Dashboard modifications :wink: ).

For many it will involve providing support to the applications and drivers developed for the platform. These, I would argue, should take special mention..... they are what can add to the marketability and longevity of the platform, so provide a benefit for us all...

I'm not looking to promote lengthy discussion, more pause for thought...


Some also make us laugh or remind us to not take this so seriously that we need get angry at each other.... those people deserve a special place in our Community.

Everyone should enjoy their time here, and whether they work themselves up into a state of frustration or arrive at a place where they come to blows with other Community members, that is not a healthy place to be, so softening that experience and reminding people of the relative important of HA is always useful....


I agree it is always nice to recognize those from whom I have repeatedly benefited.
So @sburke781, not to toot your own horn, but how would you describe your own contributions?

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I think, over time, it's important to do a bit of everything, where you are able; provide both constructive criticism and recommendations for improvement to the platform, contribute to and/or promote Community developed projects and help other users more generally with their use of HE. Hopefully I have been able to do a bit of each of these over my time here


Does "contributing" include buying 7 HE hubs?


What have I contributed? Death and chaos


Over the year I've been here, my goal has been to assist others where I can, and at least to extend a warm welcome to those joining after me.

Beta testing and glitch-finding are my superpowers, but my true love is the never-ending quest for inventive workarounds once you discover a limitation somewhere.

In my spare time, I preach Hubitat to anyone who will listen, hoping in some small way to continue the good vibes that first brought me here in 2021. Body count stands at 29 and counting.


That is a good point, we should not ignore the reminder Discourse provides for users posting for the first time, both welcoming new users to the HE platform but also trying to make their introduction to the HE Community a productive and enjoyable one. We've all been there ourselves... That also includes where we know new users are trying to contribute solutions to a discussion, go easy and don't shout them down.... I can't say I haven't done that, but a nice ideal to aspire to....