What have they done with Patrick?

@patrick started new job with a travel agency it seems.

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He's podcasting on his trip to/from work on anchor.fm / commutewithpatrick. He mentioned a change in job in the Day 2 podcast starting around the 8:10 minute mark ("I took a new job a few months ago as a senior front end engineer for a local travel company, a very large business...." and other things).

Interesting... but it's still "odd" that he hasn't posted anything nor HE staff even acknowledging he ever existed let alone a fair well post or something.

There is probably some non-disclosure agreement or something.


An NDA is one thing this is a flat out gag order!

Hubitat staff does not owe any of us an explanation since it’s an internal HR matter..

That said, it would be nice just to have an official acknowledgement that he’s moved on, if for no reason than courtesy to the community since Patrick played a big role here and left without a trace.




Found him! :slight_smile:



Nope...try again.


Omigerd...look who is replying...omigerd.
I apologize in advance for the cropped pic. Forgive me sir.


Hey all. Never under estimate the zuperder like research some on the forums will do.

I ended my full time employment a few months ago with Hubitat but by no means is that a sign of anything other than I needed to make that change for personal reasons.

The last two years have been a great experience and I continue to help out as I can and am a huge fan of home automation and what Hubitat represents.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Hubitat.


I take full credit for getting you to popup. Who knew....posting a semi-offensive Patrick post would get you back on here the whole time.

Seriously though. Truly appreciate you taking the time to chime in on this topic. Many of us were really curious to your whereabouts and it's great to know you are doing well.



It's good to see you're doing ok and still kicking around.

Glad to see you're alive and kicking! (And hopefully using Hubitat too)

Hopefully you'll still pop by now and then. :slight_smile:

Good luck to ya!

We found @patrick but for those that want to know the older story of open-dash and HousePanel, it is a simple one. Patrick approached me to adopt the open-dash brand for HousePanel when he was looking to join Hubitat knowing that it would mean he couldn’t advance the open-dash brand any more. I adopted it and used the name for a while but then abandoned it because I saw no value add in the brand of the name. I still use the domain name to host the source as a backup to the main HousePanel git repo but I don’t count on it staying around forever. HousePanel has since evolved a lot into a full featured panel with lots of customization features that places it in the panel market in an interesting space. I think it is more flexible than any other panel but it is also harder to install than any other panel. It is a coder’s panel for those that want to a heavily customized experience - much in the spirit of open-dash originally but it uses none of the open-dash code base. Hope that helps. And @patrick good luck in your new career phase.


Great to hear from you Patrick :+1:

I hated seeing a Gopher replace a Boilermaker. Boilerup

Thank you for your contributions to Hubitat and to this amazing community.
Wishing you well in your new endeavors.
Your and your contributions will be missed.

PS: the new guy looks like your brother, they didn't clone you did they? :flushed:

Pete and I have known each other for years. We used to do stand up together before I moved out west.


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