What have they done with Patrick?

I am curious. Lately on Hubitat Live, Patrick Stuart is MIA. Been several months.

Anyone know what's up? AFAIK he was one of the main coders for HE.
And I hope that doesn't affect the frequency of updates for HE.


I have been wondering the same thing. He is still listed as developer on his profile in this forum.

His LinkedIn profile indicates he hasn't worked for Hubitat since September of this year


Would have been nice if they would have at least mentioned this. We don't need a reason why he left, but, a simple statement or note in his profile somewhere would have been helpful. Maybe simply "former developer" or similar in his profile, and shut off his inbox?

@patrick Discourse reckons he's lurking. What's up? Blink twice if you're ok.


Ah, yes that's about when I recall he was replaced by a look-alike on Hubitat Live. I had to squint and look really hard, and I'm thinking-Hey wait that's not Patrick.
Guy looks like he could be his brother, at least to me

Yeah, strange likeness. Rumours are he's locked in a room due to a faulty driver on the smart lock lol :smile:

(I just started the rumour) :rofl:

Patrick, we miss you !

Just watched the latest Hubitat Live and it was good. Enjoyed it. Very relaxed and friendly. The only thing I'd say - if I didn't know this community and the product as I do - is it comes across pretty amerteurish. Shake start. Dodgy resolution cameras. Not much structure. Don't want to be overly critical. I just think they could make it seem more professional.

To provide constructive criticism/ideas, how about...

  • do more technical testing etc prior to running these events
  • tell us what you will tell us, tell us, then tell us what you told us (simple rule of any presentation). Structure time for the Q&A at the end
  • make sure you are using decent Web cams (Mike's is from the 1800's maybe?) and position them as they do on TV (eg. not just a head shot)
  • have some regular feature (like the bunny/carrots etc, that was fun) to inject some more interest
  • there was talk before about having some guest users on. I think that would be so cool. It would be great to "meet" some of the more experienced members of the community. Or provide some incentive for us to send in videos of our set-up and then feature some short extracts on your live show
  • link this with voting on the forum to pick a winner of best smart home set-up, or most innovative device, or suchlike. Award a free hub to winners (or other devices, it seems you have a stack of them in shelves lol)
  • give us some small indications of what's coming up in the future. That's always exciting for us techi's. Have a regular "peak a boo" to showcase something real quick, like a teaser. See if we can guess what it is.

Just ideas. You guys rock and I love the product and the journey we are on as it evolves and matures.


Patrick was the most active staff on the Facebook Hubitat users group. Seeing a lot of activity from wink users. Might be helpful to have another staff member monitor questions there as well?

It’s obvious he left the company. Why who knows?

I've noticed the absence of Patrick as well and have been curious. Hmm...

New CEO just announced but still no mention of Patrick leaving or thanking him for his time at Hubitat etc etc. Very wierd. It's like he never existed.

He still checks in here just hasn't posted, his account shows his last read was 6 hours ago.

I wonder if he still gets emails/notifications on mentions? :slight_smile: @patrick are you out there?

Everybody now.... :slight_smile:

Everybody What? See if @patrick is around? Or see if @patrick answers emails? Or if @patrick answers PMs? Which one?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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We can see if @patrick is online or if @patrick can still receive e-mail or is @patrick alive???



Old info/news... open-dash hasn't been updated in 2 years... HousePanel is still there as well... not sure where that's going. Hey @kewashi what's the story?

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