What happens to rule if one action can't complete?

The scenario I am thinking of is that one of the actions requires internet access but my internet is disconnected. Does the whole thing abort, just the actions following the uncompleted one, or does it carry on and do all the ones it can do?

What is the action? An HTTP request directly from the rule or command to a device?

Tbh I'd not even got that far, just wanted to know for future reference as I am just starting to learn the rule machine. In smartthings I make two separate automations joined by a virtual switch, with cloud-facing actions in one and local in the other (smartlighting app), because I just know the whole thing will dump itself the moment something can't run - so at least that way all the local stuff will carry on and run. I was just wondering whether I'd have to do similar with Hubitat.

As far as I know RM doesn't wait for a response so it would never be an issue.

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