What happens to Alexa when I use the Lutron Integrator with Radio Ra2?

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 Lutron RR2 devices. Some of these devices are enabled for Alexa so they can be voice controlled or used in Alexa routines.

If I use the Lutron Integrator, will that have any effect on Alexa? Will everything keep working the same? And in the future will I still be able to enable new/existing Lutron devices for Alexa that aren't enabled yet?

Right now the Alexa and Lutron mobile apps always reflect the current state of a light, so if I change the status of a light (on/off or dim level) it is reflected in both apps. When I add Lutron to Hubitat, will Alexa and Lutron apps keep working this way with the addition of Hubitat also
knowing the current state of Lutron devices? Or will integrating Lutron into Hubitat result in anything breaking?

Nothing will change. In fact, I'd recommend using the native Lutron to Alexa integration for these devices. You can use the Hubitat Skill for Alexa to only integrate your non-Lutron, Hubitat-connected Devices with Alexa (e.g. Zigbee and Z-Wave devices.)

Hubitat will still get an instant status update of your Lutron devices, regardless of what system changes them (Lutron, Alexa, Google, HomeKit, Logitech, or Hubitat.)

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If you have your Lutron devices already sync'd w/ Alexa thru the Lutron skill then add your Lutron devices to HE with the Lutron Integrator, make sure that your Lutron Devices w/in HE are not then selected in the HE Alexa skill or you will have duplicate devices in Alexa.

I don't have use the Lutron skill but I had that happen when using the Bond skill w/ Alexa.

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So if I understand, I should use the Lutron Integrator so that I can control Lutron devices with HE. But within the Hubitat skill for Alexa, I should not include any Lutron devices that are already working with Alexa (through the Lutron skill for Alexa). In the Hubitat skill I should only include the devices on HE that would otherwise be invisible to Alexa.


Then I can control Lutron devices via HE/Lutron/Alexa and the correct state will be reflected across all platforms. Right?