What Exactly Does Cloud Backup Get You As Far As Backing Up Radio Settings?

I've read that cloud backup backs up radio settings.
What exactly does this mean?
And, how useful is this, has this been?
Experiences, etc?

With two clould backup related Z-Wave outages under my belt, so far, the benefit is not apparent.

Backing up the radios means backing up the radio databases. This is useful if you have either a catastophic failure or you are migrating hubs. It allows you not to have to re pair all your devices. Local backup does not do this

It means you can restore radio settings, along with device pairings, to a new Hubitat.

Cloud backups were essential for me to migrate my z-wave network from a C-5 to a C-7; then from the C-7 to another C-7; and finally from that C-7 to a C-8.

They've never failed for me. Can you explain what you mean by "cloud backup related Z-Wave outages"?

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From another thread he's talking about all of his z-wave devices disappearing and having to power cycle to get them back. General radio corruption not the radio database being corrupted.

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It's an acknowledged issue.

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Does this actually work? The network configuration is always changing. Will a restoration, radio and database, bring back the network to the way it was at the point in time the backup was made?

Let's say, lightning took the hub out. It'd be possible to buy another hub and then restore the new hub to the state of the last backup, device pairings and all?

If so, that's worthwhile.

Without the cloud backup, every device would have to be re-paired. With Z-Wave, how would that work with no hub to exclude from?

You can exclude a device from any zwave controller. In fact, it's always a good idea to exclude a "new" device before including it, as it may have been included to a controller during factory testing.



As evidenced by the three hub migrations that I have done:

C-5 to C-7
C-7 to C-7 with antenna mod
C-7 with antenna mod to C-8

Worked perfectly all three times. I have done a few test migrations on hubs with a smaller number of devices as well.

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That could be a lot of excluding and including getting a new hub up and running.
Heaven forbid you paired with S2 and have to take the switch plate covers off-I think they're typically on the front of the device, right?
Anyway, another reason for cloud backup.

Now, if I could automate shutdown/power cycle on my battery backed hub, for when z-wave crashes, I'd be golden.

Yes,.... That is exactly how it works. You would NOT need to re pair anything. Again this is only with a Hub Protect subscription. Local backups do not backup the radios.


Any hub can exclude but as said, no need to do this with a cloud backup. Everything is migrated to the new hub..

ONLY WITHOUT hub protect. With it it just moves everything.

Use alexa or similar,.

Hubitat Rule: On shut down turn on virtual switch.

Alexa/Homekit sees virtual switch turned on. Waits 2 mins and turns off wifi outlet that UPS is connected into then turns it back on.

Hubitat on reboot turns off virtual switch and sends notification it's up.

Yeah, I don't want to get into the Alexa, etc, world.

I'm thinking some kind of low voltage time delay relay might be simplest and local.

The battery backup, ie, 5vdc usb, 12vdc, vs 120vac, affects the approach to doing this as well.

Get a home pod mini and a homekit certified plug. 100% local