What devices/drivers support MusicPlayer?

I see a MusicPlayer capability but having a hard time finding devices that support it.

I've searched and it seems like Echo Speaks supports it. Any others?


Chromecast supports it to cast to Google Home devices. The dome siren also does, but what it can do is extremely limited...

I guess the question is what are you trying to do with the music player?

Play Media Player streams from an external device? *i.e., DLNA Player)
Play wifi radio and url streams (i.e., Sonos, Samsung Multiroom)?

Do you already have hardware or are you trying to pick hardware?

Good question! I'm working on an Android dashboard and wanted to support a music tile. So, I'm looking for devices to test with and I don't have an Alexa (but many Google devices..)

I support it with my Bose SoundTouch driver, @jpage4500. GitHub - tomwpublic/hubitat_boseSoundTouch

It may not useful to you without a speaker to test with, depending on what you're trying to do. But I could do some spot checking with your app on my Android phone if it would help.

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Sounds like you just need to install the Chromecast built-in app. It should detect your Google Home devices and enable you to use them.

Oh wow! How did I miss this. I off to have a play, thank you :smiley:

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You could write a test driver with capability Music player and the commands / attributes rolled-around. Essentially, it would take commands and change attributes IAW those commands. This is quick, easy to conceptualize, and requires no external devices. In other words, you have control of the test environment.

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How to TTS work on this? I'm doing other things to get around this. However, would like to know how to get this to work in case I need to change. This is great. I don't know how I missed this too.

I pinged @jsarcone and @Royski via PM to troubleshoot so that I don't hijack this thread. FWIW, I second @djgutheinz's excellent suggestion.

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@tomw First off thanks for the drivers. I have added it to my driver & app code area.
And when I tried the User App code discovery it was instant & it added my Soundtouch 300 into devices.

But when I see it in the Google Home app it shows as a light Globe with just ON/OFF options for some reason, Did I miss something?

How can I use this as a Sound device?
Do I need to do it via Dashboard?
What are the Use cases after adding it in Hubitat?

Thanks again

There's a little bit more chatter in this thread about use-cases. This post has a link to a readme that I made which describes how to use all of the functionality in my integration: Bose SoundTouch Support - #8 by tomw

I'm not a Google home user, so I can comment on what Hubitat makes available to that.

But I mainly intended this to support dashboards for playback control and status, as well as to allow for grouping and recalling playback states in automations via Rule Machine or similar. It also supports text to speech for voice notifications inside your home.

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