What cool things have you done with your Hubitat?

Late reply to this post but this is something I'm looking at doing. Would you mind sharing the flows and how the pi is set up?

Propane heated hot tub
zoned central heating
geolocation stuff
intruder alarm
usual smart lights / mood lights
baby monitor
water fountain / depth monitor / refill
various motion/contact sensors
voice announcements


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I actually ditched using the pi in this manner. The AP only puts out 100mb, which is then limited by wifi, streaming was fairly choppy with the vpn on. For certain things I do I'm using Australian servers and was getting 8-10mb tops.

Now, I still have switches via Hubitat to Node Red that send adb commands via adb shell on the raspberry pi. It launches the Nord VPN app, tabs to the search, searches and connects to the server for that switch (its quickest to use the server number from Nord). It will then launch whatever app is attached to that switch, MLB TV, FITE TV, WWE Network...etc.

I have a Shield and being able to keep it hardwired into my gig internet made this a much better experience...i get around 300-400mb even on Australian servers...(have to turn on nordlynx via the app.)

If interested i can provide a walk through on this. I would have to go back through setting a pi up for the other way and you really won't be pleased tbh.

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Ahhh - so you are using a shield to act as the VPN gateway? Ok that IS a cool thing! Which model is it? (although I presume that's unimportant for this application).

Are you then using its AC wifi for wireless streaming? And it's capable of 300Mb/s?

Unfortunately I don't have a spare shield to devote to this (using it as my primary media streamer) so I'm going to probably going to try to press an old AC wifi access point (with ddrwt) into VPN service.

Many thanks for the reply and set up offer though!

No the Shield has a NordVPN app. Any Android TV capable of dev options should be able to use this method.

For example..I live in Michigan and want to watch the Tigers on MLB.tv app.

  1. Switch (California) tells node red to send exec commands to adb shell on the pi telling it to send the launch command to the NordVPN app.

  2. Adb shell is given the remote commands to then get to the search on the NordVPN app, and search for the server i use in California.

  3. Adb shell is then is told to launch mlb app on the shield.

  4. I watch the Tigers with the app believing I'm in Cali.

  5. Turning off the switch force stops the NordVPN app and the mlb tv app.

The benefit is that I'm able to keep the shield hardwired into my Node on my Mesh router, which has a ethernet backhaul.

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Ok I get it now, thanks. I was more wanting a general purpose VPN gateway that can be accessed by any device (mostly for streaming) on the network so that means wifi only. Although this would be great for just having the shield on its own VPN. Thanks again, it's given me some extra options. :+1:

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