What channel?

I think I'd like to change my zigbee channel in my HE hub.
Zigbee is channel 20

I have a smartthings hub that interferes, so I want to make room. What channel is recommended?

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What's going on with the WiFi nearby?


Do you have any devices connected to the ST hub? Or are you just using it for Echo Speaks. If only for Echo Speaks, you can safely disconnect the ST hub. Echo Speaks will continue to work with HubConnect (via the ST cloud).


Iā€™d go with 15, as 25 and 26 are lower power. 15 does not interfere with WiFi.


No competing wifi, except I have google wifi, so I can't pick the channel for that either.

I was actually thinking of using it for other things. Although, right now, yes, echo speaks is what is connected, and it's unplugged.

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Just something I'm tossing around, and I know that my things will be messed up for a few days as they come together, but I also noticed that things are running really really well. I'm not sure I should poke the bear?

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You might not be able to pick but you can definitely check to find out what's around you and what Google picked for you.


I ... have no idea what I'm looking at ..... :blush:


Hamburger menu (three bar menu on top left) -> Channel Graph -> 2.4 Ghz Tab

What do you see? You should see a bunch of bumps representing the frequencies that the nearby APs cover. If you see APs lined up on the 1, 6 and 11 channels, then 15 is safe. If you see your neighbors or your Google pinned on channel 3 or 4, then zigbee channel 15 not so good.

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ABC is my network

Your screenshot == zigbee channel 15 very good
It also means that zigbee channel 20 is fine though.

ok, so that being said ... can I just change it? or is there a "poetic" way to do this?

Smarthings ... seems to be a channel 20 killer. My hub got all bucky when i turned ST on to set it up the other day. Maybe it was jealous?

I think some people prefer to take the previous channel out to a neutral place, maybe buy them dinner but nothing to fancy. Don't show a lot of emotion and fairly quickly, within 15 minutes, you will want to break the news.


Oh, right. I forgot that ST was on channel 20. Yeah, do 15 for sure.

I'm dying laughing over here. I'm gonna change it. Not going to warn the hubby. Boom. Done

Does z-wave try to talk over between the hubs like an over-entitled millenial? :grin:

I don't know. Maybe? I've never had to troubleshoot interference with Z-Wave though. I have a Ring Z-Wave alarm hub and my Hubitat both with many Z-Wave devices and they don't seem to care about each other. If they do it is so subtle I haven't noticed it. Not like the way Zigbee acts when WiFi is stepping on it at all anyway. I'll defer to somebody else.

I think she's more referring to ST Z-Wave vs Hubitat Z-Wave.

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That was my thought, too. I hooked up a wifi router for flashing peanuts (which I don't use) and it messed with everything zigbee. AND my wifi! haha. Z-wave just kind've sits there like a quiet force. Waiting to be heard.