What causes something like this?

I have a simple rule that turns a light on and dims it up gradually. It has been working without problems until this morning. The light didn't turn on. I looked in the Event Viewer and it shows the light turned off at 10:01 pm (which is when I turned it off via Alexa). But then it shows it turning on again (which it didn't). Because it was showing as being ON, it didn't turn on this morning. This is just weird! Can anybody tell me why this would happen?

If your trigger is m-f at 4:50, why do you have those as conditions in the rule? the only condition you actually need is the mode. One is extra and the other might be your problem. Time is never going to be exactly 4:50 when the conditions are evaluated. Because to a computer it would have to be 4:50:00:00000, which it won't be. Make the condition only the mode and I bet you it will work.

@pcgirl I'm not sure what the first pic says, To small to see. Here's a Gental Wakeup I have setup that seems to be working great.

Here is the Events again. The rule has been working. What is strange is why the light shows as turned on again at 10:01 pm after it was turned off. Although the light actually wasn't ON.