What caused Hubitat not to execute a command?

I have a contact sensor glued on a pail to collect rain water. Inside the pail I put a pump. The pump is connected to an exterior plug GE zwave plus. When the water rises in the pail, the contact opens. This triggers the switch to power the exterior plug, with a delay of one minute. This gives time to the pail to get more water.

So far the system is working pretty good. Except once last night where the contact did get opened, but it sounds like the HE forgot to activate the switch one minute later. Any reason why this would happen? How can I prevent that?

As you can see, at 20:10:02 the contact opened, and one minute later, at 20:11:03 you can see « prise arrière turned on ». But at 20:13:17 the contact opened again, but nothing happened one minute later. So the pail overfilled with water and we never got any more trigger after that.

Anyone can help on this?


Select trigger events
Contact 2 open

Select Action to Run
IF Contact 2 Open THEN
ON Train, Prise arriere delay 1 mins
Else IF Contact 2 close THEN
OFF Train, Prise arriere
End IF

If the trigger is only set when the contact opens, the ELSE part will never be executed.

I’m more after the WHY IT DIDNT executed THAT time. It worked fine most of the time.

Turn on logging for that rule (Events, Triggers, Actions), and post a screenshot of the logs (when it doesn't run). Without the logs, any suggestion is just a guess. Also, tagging @bravenel.

. I thought I had turned it on. I just did now. We’ll see next rain. Or may be this is one that resets the debug log after certain time. Anyhow I turned it on now and we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for the idea.

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I am also curious to find out why the rule didn't run. Because your logs show the event supposed to trigger it definitely occurred.

I know... strange!
Mainly that it worked fine most of the time.

I’ve checked the system log but nothing there. Only the sunset that happened exactly 30 minutes later. I’ve checked my apps and I didn’t find any with event at 30 minutes before sunset. I have one at 20 minutes before sunset but that’s it.

Here is with the log turned on. I just need to wait and see how it will do on the long run.