What cancels a 'Wait' action?

I have this rather simple RM:

  • How long does it 'Wait' for the temperature to be > 57? forever?
  • What cancels the 'Wait'? I mean other things besides the >57 temps?

It should wait until DyeHouse-Sensor reports a temperature value larger than 57.0. How long this takes has a lot to do with that temperature sensor and how often it reports. Theoretically this could be forever . . .

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As documented, waits are canceled by re-triggers or a "Cancel Rule Timers" action (which can be run on this rule from any rule). So, as mentioned above, your rule will indeed wait, possibly forever, until a reading > 57 comes in. If you don't want that, you could use the "Timeout?" option on the wait, which will proceed after either the event you're waiting for or that amount of time passes, whichever comes first.

The other thing that will cancel this wait is a reading < 52, as that will start your rule over again--though in your case that wouldn't have much of an effect -- it would soon just start this wait over again (and turn the switch on, which it will likely still be unless you have something outside this rule acting on it).

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As JoeJ said, Wait for event will be met the next time the temperature is reported greater than 57 and it could be forever. You could put a timeout on the wait if that's a problem

Wait for expression looks at the state of the sensor. I don't think this is useful in your example since the trigger and the wait are looking at the same sensor but there are times when looking at the state (current temperature) rather than waiting for an event is desired.

The rule retrigger would cancel the current wait. There is also the action Cancel Rule Timers that can be used to cancel Waits.

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