What automated blinds work best with Hubitat?

Did you need a Tradfri gateway for the Ikea shades, @rick.guthier ? Or were you able to pair directly with Hubitat?

I have the PRO hub. Greater range and PoE as well. It was PoE that sold me. But no IR. It seems like it's really designed to sit in a closet somewhere and control RF device in the house.

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I did not need the gateway, paired directly to Hubitat. I've migrated all of my Zigbee and Tasmota devices to Home Assistant, including these. In home assistant, I've upgraded the code on the shades, as well as other zigbee devices via zigbee2mqtt add on.
Mostly due to the fact that Tasmota had no future on Hubitat - that is what got the ball rolling with my moving from HE. If you go that route, these blinds were a piece of cake - natively supported with z2m.
Good luck!

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Just curious, when you join the Ikea buttons (assume you are running HA on the Pi?) do they offer both press and hold responses?

The Conbee2 stick is setup with the deConz / PhosCon software that I think it most common for this Zigbee stick. And yes, the deConz software, as well as the Community driver recognise press and hold. I actually use these (along with released) in my rules for controlling my Somfy rollers via Bond:


Bummer. If I had known that Tasmota was dead/dying on HE, I wouldn't have spent the money on a Hubitat.

Really? That's news to @garyjmilne. Here's his Tasmota 11 integration:


@aaiyar Thanks for picking up on that and spreading the word. I'd say Tasmota interest waned a bit after Markus left and there was no longer support for T4HE. But with my new drivers working with native Tasmota which was always an issue with T4HE interest is on the upswing again. FYI I just upgraded a device to Tasmota 12.0.2 yesterday and it's working fine with existing Tasmota Sync code.

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Oh, fantastic! I'll give this a try today.

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How are they powered?

I'm using iblinds v3's and have been very happy with them..

AA Battery pack (8) or an external DC power supply that uses a micro USB connector.

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I'm glad to see the progress since Marcus left. As you can see from my delay, my usage/interest in HE has dropped off, moving to HomeAssistant. I still have Z-wave on HE, once I move that, I'll sell it.
I don't want to sound like I dislike or bash the product. Once I got rolling with HA, there is no looking back, especially with the gap that formed for us heavy Tasmota users.

Just compared Lutron Serena to Graber on ZebraBlinds and they're almost exactly the same price- almost $500 for a single 30"x64" cellular blackout shade. Freaking ridiculous prices.

Our kitchen shade is (roman) is a 58x40 (custom) I just use an am43 on it...


Neal from Zebra Blinds posts discount codes in this thread pretty regularly.

@williamtrelawny not sure where you got that from. Prices start at $344 after the site discounts currently and are usually a bit lower using discounts posted on the thread by @marktheknife

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My iBlinds work great, and I was able to get cheap, good-looking, cut-to-fit blinds at Lowes.

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