What automated blinds work best with Hubitat?

You can also get a Zigbee motor for your existing roller shades for about $70, then you don't have to buy new window coverings I'd you don't want to. The Zemismart Zigbee motors have been reported to work well with Hubitat.

If you get Somfy motors that use RTS, the Bond bridge is a good option for controlling them, and has a Community set of drivers for local control. I can find some links if you are interested.

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I'm very happy with my one pair of Ikea Fyrtur blinds. There is a community driver that works well. If you have an Ikea close, these are very nice. I recharge the batteries about once very 3 months, and they open/close every day with an automation.


good to know. i have Somfy blinds but ran into issues with their encryption. i wound up connecting a second remote to a ZEN16 to control my blinds. any specific Bond bridge to look into? (i'm not too familiar with Bond)

They only have two variations of the hub, I just got the standard one, the pro version from memory just provides the ability to connect more devices. I'll track down a link later.

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Here's the link for the Bond Bridge:

And here's the pro for anyone interested. It does have a few more features including extra range, PoE and mounting options.

Here's a link to the Community drivers:

I bought some IKEA On/Off switches by mistake to put in each room to control the blinds individually, only to find they don't work natively with HE. I now pair these remotes to a Conbee2 stick on my raspberry Pi and use the DeCONZ drivers to bring them into my HE hub. I then use some RM rules to respond to the On/Off button presses and call the Bond drivers to open / close the blinds. A little complicated, but at least it's local.


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thanks for this info. i'm surprised i didn't come across this when i was looking for a IR device, but i also didn't look too hard...now to explain to the wife that i'm buying another device. wish me luck

edit: well, while the wife is asleep, somehow an amazon order was made :laughing: it should be here within the next 7 hours


Ha ha. Best of luck for your success.


Off topic, but ohh how I wish we could receive Amazon orders that quickly in Canada... minimum is usually 3 days... on a 2 day order...

ouch. it used to be like that for me, but since i've moved and have a warehouse in a 30 mile (48 km) radius, i've been getting great delivery times. i'm almost tempted to order and see if they'll just let me pick it up from the warehouse (similar to how you can go to UPS warehouse to pick stuff up)

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that was painless. got my blinds connected to the bond bridge

@lmoreau if you go to Supported Devices | Bond you can see if your device is compatible with it


3 days!? I'm in Canada also, as long as you order by 12pm it's delivery by 9pm same day, as long as you have Prime of course. Very rarely they will mess up and it won't arrive same day, but any time you contact them they give you another month of Prime for free for the hassle lol.

I’m jealous! We don’t get that on the east coast unfortunately...

Did you need a Tradfri gateway for the Ikea shades, @rick.guthier ? Or were you able to pair directly with Hubitat?

I have the PRO hub. Greater range and PoE as well. It was PoE that sold me. But no IR. It seems like it's really designed to sit in a closet somewhere and control RF device in the house.

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I did not need the gateway, paired directly to Hubitat. I've migrated all of my Zigbee and Tasmota devices to Home Assistant, including these. In home assistant, I've upgraded the code on the shades, as well as other zigbee devices via zigbee2mqtt add on.
Mostly due to the fact that Tasmota had no future on Hubitat - that is what got the ball rolling with my moving from HE. If you go that route, these blinds were a piece of cake - natively supported with z2m.
Good luck!

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Just curious, when you join the Ikea buttons (assume you are running HA on the Pi?) do they offer both press and hold responses?

The Conbee2 stick is setup with the deConz / PhosCon software that I think it most common for this Zigbee stick. And yes, the deConz software, as well as the Community driver recognise press and hold. I actually use these (along with released) in my rules for controlling my Somfy rollers via Bond:


Bummer. If I had known that Tasmota was dead/dying on HE, I wouldn't have spent the money on a Hubitat.

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