What are you doing with Lutron Picos

Welcome to the club!

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All set up. I wasn't aware that the wall-mount kit actually comes with a working pico inside, so now I have SIX of them.:rofl:

I'm hoping Google Home integration happens soon so I can use one of these as a volume remote for Chromecast Audio.

Fast, but I still have some lags here and there. I'm wondering - has anyone installed these in place of physical switches?

None other than the famous @mike.maxwell

If I properly remember his previous posts.

Meaning wiring the switches to be "always on" and putting a pico on top of it?

edit: for smartbulb usage

Mike embedded Aeon Micro relays/dimmers behind wall mounted Picos. So his physical light switches (picos) require his HE hub to receive the button presses and then send out z-wave command to operate the Aeon micros to control his lights.

I have a Pico that I placed in front of a now hardwired connection to my ceiling fan. I added the Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller to the canopy of the Hunter Fan. The only way for me to control it is via Hubitat using the Pico or voice control via Alexa.

Interesting. I'll be doing the Hampton Bay thing at some point, so I'll save a couple for that.

Using micro dimmers seems great, though in some cases I only have bulbs, meaning I could just hardwire it there.

Of course, this comes with the lack of control options if a hub goes down, but... hmm.

I'm finding ABC cannot use "Dimmers Ramp up/down" when held for hue bulbs. Is this correct?

I have been a huge ABC fan over the years especially in ST because of its simplicity and really appreciate Stephens efforts on it. I was using ABC early on because it had more features than button controller. After a recent update changing modes stopped working in ABC, at least for me, so that pushed a change for me to button controller and I no longer use ABC.

Button controller has come a long way in the past few releases and can even execute RM actions which is very cool. You might want to explore it.

This isn't a limitation of the app but a limitation of the driver being used. It should work with any driver that supports changeLevel. I dont believe Hue groups support this yet and I cant say for single Hue bulbs...this would be the same in Button Controller. The driver needs to support the function. @mike.maxwell can confirm.

If you remember the error please share. I wasnt aware of any problems with mode changes. Should be an easy fix.

I also noticed the mode didn't change with ABC last night. Used a held button to turn off all lights and set mode to Sleep. I don't have any logs unfortunately.

Yeah, this setup isn't for those installs that have zwave/zigbee or hub uptime related issues.

I'm still searching for zigbee bulbs that don't cause routing issues.
The proven offender list includes osrams that will prohibit a new child from completing the pairing, and hue bulbs that took on my zigbee lock as a child then promptly blocked all commands to and fro until I unscrewed it.
I'm not impressed with the zwave offerings to date.
The singleds have promise in they do not attempt to repeate, however I don't like their ignorance of configured ramp rate upon turn on, this may be able to be fixed in the driver, just have had no time to try it.

Correct the hue integration devices do not support change level, I don't know if the api does either, so not sure if it is even possible.

This is why I finally bit the bullet and bought Hues for my high traffic areas. Although you are the first I've heard of Hue causing routing issues. I do use a few Sengleds for non-critical (ie: closet) bulbs.

I have also found Cree Connected to be rock solid. I think there's an upper limit of ~12 bulbs or so (I forget the exact #) before they start running into repeating issues. But they use ZLL, and have never failed me. They follow the normal on/off and ramping rules as well.

I didn't notice the changelog entry for mode changes in the latest firmware. Should be easy to fix. Hopefully I can post an update today.

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@ritchierich @kilowatts
I have updated the ABC app to work with the new mode change format implemented in 1.1.5. Please let me know if you run into any issues and post in the ABC thread.


Don't know if this helps, but the discontinued Lutron Connected Bulb Remote (LZL-4B-WH-L01) has smooth dimming of Hue bulbs, singly or in a group. The remote is "authorized" on the hub, but it's not listed as an accessory in the Hue app.

Lutron document:

How to pair remote with Hue bulbs:

I found this information on dimming on the Hue developer site.


I have done this with the Connected Bulb Remotes per my post above. Turned our hall light, which was not a 3-way, into one with two CBRs. Hue controls it too and Hubitat controls it via the Hue Integration. Two motion sensors in the hallway manage automated lights, so they're mostly there to manually control the lights during day hours when their normally restricted. I use a CBR in my bathroom in place of the physical switch with a Hue motion sensor for hands free. I have one Pico where there wasn't a switch and at some point, I'll be swapping my Maestro fan controllers for either something better, but connected (have decided NOT to use the Sonoff iFan 02 for this) or a connected fan, and I'll use a Pico for fan and light control.

@bill.d That video is good and actually where I learned how to do that with the CBR. However it is not controlling the bridge, and that's what @mike.maxwell is talking about in regard to change level not being supported by the hue integration. The CBR are paired with and controlling the bulbs directly in that scenario, and the bridge is allowing them to do that without the two playing tug-o-war. This is the concept behind the Ikea Trådfri bridge and remotes too. The remotes don't talk to the bridge, they talk to the bulbs and so does the bridge. Their bridge doesn't know what change the remotes have made, they only know what changes have occurred with the bulbs.

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