What are the differences between HubConnect and. Hub mesh?

I got a new router and kinda messed up my hub connect set up. Before i try to fix it, i was curious what if any maitre difference is there between them? Is one any better than the other? Any free back is appreciated.

HubConnect works across platforms (Hubitat, SmartThings), and across LANs.

HubMesh is strictly Hubitat to Hubitat, and restricted to working within a LAN.

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To add to the above, there are some differences as well: HubConnect is an app-and-driver based approach (and you need to manually install the app on all hubs and either manually install or use HPM to install the drivers on all relevant hubs). Hub Mesh works at the platform level, is built-in, and doesn't require any special apps or drivers on the other hub, and it also shares the entire device more or less exactly as it is on the "source" hub, whereas HubConnect exposes it only in the ways that the driver on the "destination" hub presents itself (there are good matches for common devices and the ability to create custom devices for anything else, but still; and I actually find this advantageous in some cases when there are things like power-metering events I don't care to bring over but still want something else from the device, like switch state.).

So, if you're looking for "easy," Hub Mesh is probably it. If you're looking for "customizable," you'll probably want to steer towards something like HubConnect (where you have access to the code and modification for your own use, though not distribution, seems OK with the license for the app). It should also be noted that it this developer no longer considers Hubitat his primary platform, so I wouldn't expect much future development on it, but it's pretty stable as-is.

I would avoid Hub Link/Link to Hub at this point, which are also built in and I see you didn't mention--and that's good. :slight_smile: