What are the best/affordable light strips for behind a 60ich tv

You're welcome - I just tried solving the equation:

(16x)^2 + (9x)^2 = 60^2

So x = 3.27".


The 55" will need 3.97 meters.


Thx, I’m going to push them a little in then report back

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I used a 4m Wenice brand strip to go all the way around my 60" TV then taught the remote to my Harmony Hub for about 8 colors. Since it plugs into USB in back of TV, the strip comes on when TV does. I rarely, if ever want to change color, so i havent investigated getting Hubitat involved.

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A few friends of mine have these and like the effects you can do with them: (you may need a larger set of LEDs than this, though.)

And I use a Dreamscreen with WS2811 LEDs behind it on my home TV to give an ambilight-like effect.

Before that, I used some RGB/CCT LEDs cut down to size. You could use a MagicHome controller if you don’t mind WiFi, or a Gledopto LED controller, which is compatible with Hue :slight_smile:

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Bias lighting for tv needs to be 6500k white and only that based on the science. If you buy something else it’s only going to be set to those colors. Your best bet is using an ISF calibrator like Jason who owns/runs MediaLight. I had a minor problem and he was all over making it right in a flash. Also unless you are bias lighting a front projection screen just the the USB port on your tv. No need for any type of home automation at all.

Here is what I bought for our only TV in the new house, mostly because even though it’s a 2019 LG it only powered via USB 2.0 spec. Supports USB 2.0 unlike most needing 3.0. Ironically before I fell apart and got ‘lost’ when we had a 20k 144” front projection screen we didn’t use it. However bipolar manic spending sprees are a massive mess so several years after the bankruptcy our much more modest 3-4K system is using it to great results.

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I need zigbee though because I also want the lighting to alerts me of things. Kind of a,silent alarm

Zigbee for the TV and let the TV drive the bias lighting? You still get your alerts, A peanut smart plug maybe?

Ok, I just realized you mean like of fire/intruder/water while watching TV. You are trying to combine both a true bias light which is 6500k ONLY with a multi color string..... The problem is if you don't do bias lighting correctly it may look 'cool', but the science behind improved contrast is lost. I'm not sure I'd try to connect them. Maybe use regular bias lighting for the TV, but then run a strip of alarming leds under the lip of your cabinet? Or use the lamps or overheads in the room?


For true biased lighting do you need the bottom of the tv also?

I'm not sure where the $120 price comes from, the 80" Hue strip is just ($79)

I've got one behind my 65 inch TV, and have a frame put together from scrap wood laying around the garage dedicated to the strip itself

Maybe the $80 is still too steep, but also perhaps the sharing the frame idea helps :slight_smile:

I priced 120 because at the store he said I’d need the extension also. With tax at bestbuy it came to $117

My opinion, you don't need an extension for a 60" TV. but that's just my 2 cents. The 80" strip for my 65" TV has been perfectly fine

You need it to get the contrast improvement on the bottom, but having said that most don't use it because it will reflect badly on equipment and/or shelves which hurts more than it helps. Also generally it's recessed a bit so you can cheat some on what you need. I went about 4" in and was able to do a 75" with only part of the strip I bought.

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edit - that's at 20%, we normally watch at 10% but I wanted it more obvious for the pic. Also said 70 not 75"

edit 2 - Recessed not received.... already starting to be a fun day.


You think this will due?

Can you send that any papers on this? I’m pretty stoked to read them and see how values of contrast are impacted when the white point of a display is shifted. Otherwise I’ll do some digging later today :slight_smile:

That looks like it would do fine. People around here usually have nothing but good to say about Sengleds, and the CT of that strip looks like it should get into the range you need.

Edit: looks like it’s a bit short on range, though. @aaiyar had said something like 3.97 meters, and that’s only 2m. Might want to throw an extension on as well :blush:


A former colleague, who was trained as a physiologist, used to tell me the same thing, i.e. that bias lighting should have a white CT around 5000-7000K (hazy white). He's since retired but I'll see if I can get some journal references for you. There are lots of references on the web to 6500K being ideal. For example:

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Quick link with links to other sources. . Overall it’s just an ISF thing I’ve heard multiple places. Sorry no time to dig more but I made the mistake of checking mail and right now I’m somewhere that I mentally can’t immediately answer so I had to post something.

Also note that the CRI is important and that is one advantage of the one I linked. They test them and toss bad ones. A cheaper light might be all over 91 or it might not. I have 8 sengled daylight smart bulbs in the bedroom because the fan was way too big and heavy to take down for a enerwave relay.


That link had plenty of references. Thank you! That was extremely helpful to me, and no doubt @adamkempenich.