What are people using for weather with no PWS?

Tonights project isn’t going well. I tried apixu, apparently it no longer works. I tried dark sky, but it turned into an Apple product so no new API keys. I tried weather underground, but they will only give you an API key if you link a PWS.

Hubitat has a built in driver for OpenWeatherMap.org

It has many fewer attributes, but it's a good starting place.


Try Bryan's (bptworld) Weather.Gov app. If you haven't already, try the Hubitat Package Manager to install this app. It makes it much easier.

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Thank you, the package manager in its self is getting me excited :laughing:


Lol, I never thought to check for a built in, haha.

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If you outgrow the built-in driver, check out @Matthew’s newer driver that can replace the darksky integration:



Besides darksky, does any of these offer Canadian weather?

It looks like open weather map pulls forecast information for Canada. However, there seems to be no weather alert attributes....

Still using Matthew's excellent Darksky driver. Will have to migrate to something else that provides similar coverage for where I am in Asia before the end of next year, when the muppets at Apple take the API down.

His driver works for forecasts but not alerts.

It absolutely does cover alerts.

Not for Canada. The alerting is pulled from NWS, which doesn't include Canada.

Thankfully, for many reasons, including your dopy Prime Minister, I don't live in Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to comment, then realized you don't live in the US. :slight_smile:

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