What am I missing here?

This shows Off Disabled but the door is open. This just started not turning off last night and I have no idea why.

Have you checked the status of this contact sensor? Is this door actually closed (which would disable this RL child), or is the sensor not reporting properly?

You can enable logging in RL and the contact sensor and see what happens when you try to trigger the automation.

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Door is open. Dashboard shows open but the log shows:

C:\Users\William Williford\Desktop\2022-10-19 08_29_50-Logs - Brave.jpg

The weird thing now is it still shows Off Disabled but it's turning off in about 15 seconds and it should be 2 minutes. Think I'll recreate the rule it must somehow be corrupted. :man_shrugging:

Recreated rule is working okay so far. Very very odd.

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I've had a couple rules go south on me recently, in one I could no longer get entry focus in a field, and another had a problem (foggy on what it was) that required me to re-create. Possibly some issues w/the new database structure?

Dunno. I just this week migrated my Motion Lighting apps to Room Lighting using the import feature. When recreating I was using my Master Bath rule as a guide for what I was recreating but there was one part where I was forced to supply the information for "Re-Enable Turning Off upon these Events. That wasn't on my Master Bath rule. When I went into the Master Bath rule to look at it and tried to save it (no changes) it then required that there as well. Don't know if that's a recent change or if the import routine missed it. The Master Bath rule was working fine prior to that change however. Just seemed odd as well.

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