Wemo stopped workig completely - help

Help - my wemo devices are not responding to Hubitat.. as of 2 days ago.. I have 35 wemo devices and all have been working for the last 12 months.. all else with hubitat appears fine..
Hubitat says that they are either offline or they dont respond at all..
I did a Wemo Connect to try and resolve but didnt seem to work at all..

I don’t have any Wemo devices myself, but if you need help figuring out what happened… I know from experience that sometimes it helps to do this with others’ help!

  1. Did something change recently? Is Wemo Wifi? If so, do they have DHCP reservations - could the IP have changed?
  2. Did you make a change in Hubitat - new platform version?

Sebastien.. no, absolutely nothing changed (famous last words !! ha). BUT NOTHING THAT I KNOW..

Anyway I had to delete all 35 Wemo devices and start loading them from scratch. This is time consuming as I have a number of dashboards in Hubitat as well as tons of Webcore pistons. They all needed to be realigned after the devices were re discovered !!

So as it stands , its a total mystery as to why Hubitat just stopped talking to Wemo.. The wemo devices worked fine through Google, Alexa and the Wemo app.

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That is very odd! I assume Wemo devices are cloud based - maybe an API change in the background? Not ideal though that you have to re-load them!!! That is indeed a lot of work!

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