Wemo Devices

Since the Wemo App is no longer working for many of us, is there a way to manually add Wemos to Hubitat? The ones I have added already, still seem to work but I have another set I need to configure and control.

Which WeMo app are you to? The mobile app produced by WeMo?

For my WeMo integration, I use hubitat/jason0x43-wemo_connect.groovy at master · jason0x43/hubitat · GitHub. Once the device is on my network, I open the app to scan for it. It then adds it as a device for me to control. Has been working flawlessly. Allowed me to continue controlling my WeMo devices after WeMo moved to the cloud model and screwed up their app

Yeah that app is no longer working for a number of us.

@jason0x43 can hopefully help


seems to be an updated code on his github. i was getting the error in the app, then put the new code in and it seems to be working again (i'm at least able to open the app without an error)

seems like the error is being discussed in Wemo Connect App error

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