Wemo accounts

It's broken. LOL. Soo very WEMOish!!

I guess it's time to delete the WeMo app and just keep it running through hubitat. I should probably set up my other plugs just in case

I'm so glad I did my final plugs last night. My app updated and now nothing is controllable through the WeMo app, but I can still control via Hubitat

Me too. I had the three way switches put in. Since they come in pairs, but you only need one per 3way circuit, I completed my lighting projects.

I am using the WEMO Connect app by Jason Cheatham. Great guy. Good code. Very responsive. I highly recommend it.

They broke IFTTT integration, updated their app requiring all users to download the update, create an account, wait an ungodly amount of time for the email message to verify their account, all so they could become apple homekit compatible.

Anyone know if Jason's connect app will continue to function after "upgrading" to the Wemo account? I'd rather not upgrade if it means it won't work... however IFTTT integration won't work until I upgrade... I feel caught in the middle here!

I use hubitat to control my WeMo even though my WeMo app doesn't detect anything

Working for me.

To those whose wemo products still work... Did you update the firmware to the latest from wemo? And it is still working? Can you add new wemo devices to your Hubitat successfully? What about your original switches. Can you remove then reinstall in the Wemo app and still integrate with Hubitat?