Well pump relay set up issues

So as the title suggests I am trying to set up a well pump relay to ■■■■ off the well pump when a leak is detected but I am having a few issues.

  1. I have the relays set up to shut off when a leak is detected and this works perfect. The shutoff valve closes siren goes off and some lights in the house turn on. All is good until you clear the alert in HSM. As soon as you do this the siren stops and relay turns back on. If the leak is between the pump and the valve that is no good. So is there a way to make this not turn back on? I am confused since the lights that were turned on do not turn off when alert is cleared.

  2. I wanted to set up a notification if a leak is detected. I copied a known good message from my alarm settings and nothing happens. I tried checking for updates for hub and app they are good. Force closed the app and I can't see what notifications it has...it just churns. Tried rebooting phone and hub no change. So I tested alerts that used to work for house alarm and a motion sensor, neither work. But I know this was working around Easter when my sister accidentally set off the alarm. So between then and now I have nothing. The alarm seems to be functioning as programmed but no alerts if tripped. Any ideas?

  3. Finally, for either a intrusion alarm or a water leak I have it set to turn on a Sengled led strip in my son's room. If intrusion it lights up red and blue if a water leak. This works but works different even though they are set up the same. For water leak, if I clear the alarm in HSM only this light goes out, the others in the house stay on. For intrusion when you clear the alarm it stays illuminated as do the other lights. I can't figure out why this would be the case. Thoughts?

Your condition is leak detected = relay off. So if you clear the alert, the relay will turn on because the condition for turning it off is then false.

Easiest is don’t clear the alert until you’re ready for the relay to be in the ON state.

Another way is to make a virtual switch that turns ON for 1 second, then OFF (Virtual switch driver has that setting built in). Then using Basic Rules, tell the relay to turn OFF when that virtual switch turns ON. Don’t add anything else to the basic rule. When you want to turn the relay back on, do it manually from the driver of the relay. That way, if you reset HSM, it will not turn the relay back ON. The only thing that a detected leak will be capable of doing is turning the relay OFF. When no leak is detected and HSM is reset, nothing will happen until a leak is again detected.

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Thanks for the suggestion on the virtual switch, I may give that a try. But I am not sure I understand the logic of the relay being energized after clearing the alert. As I mentioned in #3 things act differently between intrusion and water alerts even though they look like they are set up the same (-color). The same applies for the relay, if clearing the water alert turns the relay on, why don't all the lights turn back off?

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Don’t know. I was addressing one concern at a time. The pump only working when needed seems the one I would personally tackle first.

The lights not doing what’s expected seems more an annoyance, than a concern that could put property at risk.

Agreed...I just wasn't sure which behavior was the expected outcome since mine varies. But if I use a virtual switch that would be the safest.

This is a behavior of HSM that I didn't fully appreciate the impact of when on Day #1 I started building all sorts of monitoring rules. I haven't undone all of those just yet but I have changed my use of HSM because of those early uninformed rule constructs that caused these kind of RESET gotchas.

With multiple things tee'd up to Alert on, CLEARING it is something you tend to do without remembering that it isn't always a passive outcome on all devices.

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