Welcome Iris Customers!

List of supported Iris branded devices:

Contact Sensor (Model 3320-L)
Contact Sensor (Model iL06-1)
Garage Door Controller (Model GD-00Z-1)
Motion Sensor (Model 3326-L)
Motion Sensor (Model iL07-1)
Security Keypad (Model 3405-L)
Security Keypad (Model iL02-1)
Smart Button
Smart Fob
Smart Plug (Model 3210-L)
Smart Plug (Model iL03-1)
Water Leak Sensor (Model 3315-L)

Hi Mike,

I suppose includes the -L2 devices(like 3210-L2), or not recomended?

Yes, L1, L2 are all supported.

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That also includes the L2 versions fo the Keypad as well.

The IL071 motion sensor reports humidity, however that capability isn't currently supported by the stick driver. (I'm told it will be someday)

IMO the Iris Smart Buttons are junk. I'd highly recommend anyone migrating investigate the alternatives out there.

It works, I have one.


Edit, I think I'm using a custom driver, doh

ROFL... That would be my driver. :wink:

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2.0.5 has a dedicated driver for this device


2.0.5 looks like it will be a mayor rebuild, many new stuff, I have my backups prepared!

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