Weird Random Behaviour with Fibaro Devices (Fibaro FGR-222)


I am seeing weird behaviour with one of my automated blinds - it is controlled by a Fibaro FGR-222. The driver is 'definition (name: "Fibaro FGR-222", namespace: "julienbachmann", author: "Julien Bachmann")'.

I've never had problems with it before nor with the driver (used it for a few years with smartthings as well).

It started with an apparently random reversal of direction of operation. The only way I found to overcome this was by changing the wiring for up/down. This fixed it temporarily BUT ...

Now the up/down wired switch is behaving weirdly.

In the morning it works perfectly. Later in the day the 'down' doesnt work, but the up behaves like a momentary switch.

Given this time behaviour, I am struggling to see why it would be the FGR-222 itself but might appear to be more automation related?

Has anyone seen anything like this before? or has any suggestions?