Weird Error Message Due to Schedule()

@bravenel, I too can confirm these errors are happening on my system with far more frequency that I would like. Something is definitely fishy. Problem is cannot say when it started...; the hub logs went from non-existent before to being there, lots (very scientific, I know!)

Note: I have no ability to create these errors on demand.

The most recent entry in the log is for Motion Zone Controller.

2020-01-14 08:46:13.546 pm errororg.quartz.ObjectAlreadyExistsException: Unable to store Job : 'app3991Once.zoneOff', because one already exists with this identification. on line 223 (inactiveHandler)

I will add / update with different devices when the error occurs. (and they will)

EDIT: These errors appear to be far more frequent when the hub is "stressed", like an arrival event, or when somebody trips the alarms. But again, not consistent.

We are investigating.

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I have been facing another issue related to the schedule() method with cron syntax. I have posted details here: Cron service broken

I don't know if it's related but maybe you'll want to look at my test app's debug to see by yourself how cron service seems to break down but with no error message, this time.

Thank you again for looking into this @bravenel

Also, there's this in one of my instances of RM. It happened at the exact same time that cron service broke in other apps (I have a method in my own apps to detect cron's faillure (see my post right above this one) so I could tell).