Week Day Problem

Hello to all,
I have some rules that are triggered by time. They run fine, aside 2 rules that check also the day. I can't find the error, but maybe someone of you can help me.

Edit: Changed text by Screenshots

This is the rule that triggers on workdays and sets two variables

This is the rule that triggers on weekdays and sets two variables

*This is a rule that triggers every day at 23:30 and sets two variables *

This is the rule that triggers when the variable changes

This is the rule triggered by the previous if windows are closed - they are

Here is the log of the 23:30 Rule that changes the variables and the rule that is triggered by this change (1100(c)) and the valves who are set by the rule. Everything works fine

Here is the log of the 6:30 - the only line present

Hi, if you don't mind instead of copy pasting, please post screenshots. They are much easier to read. That would be both for the rules and for the logs.

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Thank you for the hint, it's done.

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I've looked at your post and I'm not entirely sure we have all the information we need.
Could you check in rule 1100A if all the logging options are on?
Also, maybe the variable heating was false when it ran? If not, you could add some log lines on rule 1100A to test which logic ran?

I added a new rule that runs at 4:45 regardless of the day :

***The log shows this (as far as my screenshot allows it). You can clearly see that the rule that runs at 4:30 does not be followed by the rule that is triggered by the variable change. The rule at 4:45 runs fine and also the follow up rules run fine. This morning I had 22 C° as defined by the 4:45 rule. All the other days I was still at 18 C° with the 4:30 or 6:30 rule checking the day of the week. All log checkboxes are checked for all involved rules. The --> log lines are the ones I added to the rule ***

What is strange is that the rule is run at 4:30 and that no condition is skipped, the next rule that should be triggered by the variable change is even mentioned, but not executed. In the 4:45 rule where I do not check the day, it works flawless.

That might be a bug, tagging @bravenel

Also, as a workaround, have you tried using the "Days of week Schedule" trigger, instead of the "certain time"?
That way you could even condense the first two rules into one, and if there is a bug with the day of the week condition, it would probably not affect it.

Yes, this was my first rule. As it didn't run correctly, I created the two rules as workaround that apparently doesn't work neither.

Another thing I'm thinking, is it possible that the variable at 4:30 was already set to 21, so when the rule ran it didn't actually change?
Also, is it possible you might have a duplicate variable, say a local and a global one, and it might be changing the local?

As debugging steps, I would add a log line in the rule to tell you the value of the variable when it runs, and another one after it runs.

Here is the log from this morning. I added some log entries. The variable is 18 before the script runs and is 21 afterwards. The rule runs and changes the variable, but the variable changed trigger does not execute correctly.

To test it, I tried a different rule:


And this rule:


Running the actions manually with the button "Run actions" in the rule changes the valves value and shows this in the log:

It becomes more and more confusing. With this rules, that do not use variables the valve isn't set in any case, with day checking and without day checking, but run manually (bypass ing the trigger) it works ???

May it have to do with the Eurotronics Spirit driver ? I've set the valve back to 22 °C but in the dasboard it still shows:

There seem to be more errors related to the Spirits.

I think you are on to something, the driver could explain it.
You could solve it maybe by making one rule be run by the other, instead of triggering by variable change? So when it's 4:30 change the variable and run the other rule?
I know it's not the best solution, but at least it could work.

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