Website Bug

Nothing too exciting, but in the tutorials are, the videos for "How to Use Modes and Mode Manager (" and "Connecting Your Amazon Echo (" don't work; they show up as "private".

Edit: Not sure if it matters, but I live in Canada.


Hm. They don't show up for me here in the US either:

Video unavailable
This video is private.

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Maybe they made a newer version of those videos?

Here their channel with all the videos YouTube

Thank you for your feedback. We had a similar incident with a few other videos, not too long ago. We made those public, but for some reason we didn't notice the two you've mentioned. We will move them to public, first thing on Monday (if not sooner). Thank you for your understanding.


Quick update. The links have been corrected. Please note that "Connecting Your Amazon Echo" video is the older version and is no longer available. However, you may want to check the new video here:

You can access " How to Use Modes and Mode Manager" here: