Webcore Versions and Updating the Built-In version

Where can I find a version history for Webcore? I haven't found anything here nor was I able to find anything on the Webcore Community page. I am currently running the built-in version (v0.3.114) but I see that the latest version for manual install is 1.0.89 (?), I am currently not having any issues with Webcore but wonder what I am missing with later versions. How often does the built-in version get updated?

I am running a C7 platform version

I did find this topic but it didn't really answer my questions: webCoRE built-in on Hubitat - Do I need to transition and how? - #47 by john022662k

If you are running the built in version then the latest version of webcore should be in the latest HE update. Which is currently

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You can see the running version

go to HE console -> apps -> select the webcore (top level app) -> Look at Engine Block section

It should have dates displayed

This has been helpful information. But what I was really asking is whether there is a change log somewhere that shows the differences between the various versions. What bugs have been fixed or features added.

there are the git submits in the repo, and the notes you see in HPM