webCore SMS Verbose

I have started to use "Do Send email" to an SMS server as a form of notification but there is a lot of, well, crap in the prefix and suffix of the email. You can see that sending "Subject: Doobell" results in this tome. :slight_smile:
Is there anyway to silence the beast? The "Note" part can probably be commented out as there is no Subscription service anyway?

8dc190c160ad63b8c6164d639335df20@webco.. Subj: "Doorbell"
Note:This is an automated email sent by a webCoRE piston. To unsubscribe from webCoRE emails, pleaseclick here.

I think this is all on the webcore server side which I don't control or have access to change.

Ok thanks.
Not sure how ady264 layed all this out. I thought the server was just to run the dashboard and allow for GUI editing. Some commands from the pistons like external connections actually go though his server as well?


Good stuff, thanks.
Appologies for to getting to post #2.
Thought all the useful info was in post #1 when I moved over and then jumped to 900. :wink: