Webcore not working for me - can I start over? C 5,

I installed Webcore on my C5 when it was merged with Hubitat. I have never gotten anywhere with it, and now with the .130 upgrade it no longer accepts my passwords. Can I uninstall and reinstall and start from scratch, or just give up?

Have you tried the Security settings page (accessible when you click on the WebCoRE app)? I haven't used it recently but that's where you would set a new password and clear all the browser security tokens.

Yes, and it didn't help at all. I think it's best to just remove the app. Was curious to try it, but too much trouble getting it off the ground.

What do you know. I upgraded my C5 to the latest platform, installed WebCore again, and it works! Super, now I can play with it. Looks very interesting.

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