WebCore not showing in Apps after loading it with Hubitat Package Manager

I just loaded Hubitat Package Manager and then downloaded WebCore from there. It loaded just fine. I was halfway through configuring WebCore and was in the section where you click on the devices you want WebCore to use. I noticed at that point I had not added two virtual switches so I backed out of the WebCore configuration (I think by just clicking on the browser back button) in order to add the virtual switches. When I then went back to the Apps tab to once again configure WebCore it is not there. Not sure if it should show under Hubitat Package Manager or just by itself once it is loaded but it is nowhere to be found . When I go back into the Package Manager it says it is there but where should it be?

First time in the App section here. Refugee from ST so I hope this is not too stupid of a question but I just cant find WebCore!

Click on "Add User App". Then choose Webcore and go through the setup again.

P.S. Avoid using the browser back button.

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Yup, it was that easy. Duh.... Thank you!

The second I clicked it, I had thought the same thing LOL


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