WebCore creating constant array

In a piston I am creating I need to have a three dimensional (24 x 2 x 6) constant array that I use to look up values based on time of day and season.

I have plowed the wiki, googled and asked ChatGPT how to populate such an array in the most effective way - alas without any success.

Is there an easy way to populate this array so I don't have to make 288 individual assignment statements?

Tnx in advance

please post a green snapshot of what you have tried so others can import to investigate.

I haven't written any code for this yet. I am merely trying to find out whether there is a way to assign arrays similar to that of PHP, Perl and Python without having to individually assign each array member. I haven't been able to find a description for this in the wiki.

Perhaps a json string of your array and using dynamic type might be an approach.

If you create something (can be smaller) we can see what work or can be made to work.

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