Hi all! I’ve had a question. I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to mimic something that’s pretty popular in my home town, which is the Flint Weatherball. Basically, it’s a lighted globe that changes colors based on the next days forecast. If it’s gonna be warmer tomorrow, it’s red. Colder? Blue. Yellow means no change, and if it’s going to rain, the color blinks (I would prefer a slow brightness fade). Would this be remotely possible with existing Hubitat drivers and apps?

Yup. Entirely possible. You just need a color bulb (Sengled is a good choice) and one of the various weather drivers (DarkSky is my personal favorite). From there, it's just a matter of setting up a RM rule to query the forecast and set the bulb.

The fade can be accomplished using a repeat with fade up/down.


Just thinking out loud, but it seems like you could do this with a Hue Color bulb (or an RGB bulb) and some of the Weather apps such as [RELEASE] Weather Driver, no PWS Required and a Rule 4 conditional rule....


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Very cool! I’ll try playing around with it tonight :smiley: thanks guys

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Right?! Love it when that happens!

So i've been trying to figure this out and I can't get it to work :S whenever I try to set up the IF statement for the DarkSky custom attributes in rule machine, it won't let me compare it to another custom attribute. Am i doing this horribly wrong?

I need a zigbee version...

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