API response failures

If any of you have been experiencing issues with weather apps that are accessing the API's yesterday and today, NWS is having issues.

Here is their response:

It has been a frustrating over-night, but applications and systems are returning, slowly but surely, to a point of removing old data, and providing current data. We are aware of slugginess and old data issues in certain systems and applications, such as API, but we do see positive movement and expect all to be clear by noon, if not sooner. I also added you to the two main tickets related to this issue, so you'll get informed as things turn around.

John Percy

NWS / OMB / Tech Control


Thanks for posting. I noticed yesterday that the API wasn't responding but couldn't find any service announcements at the site.

Here is an update from NWS API support last night @ 5pm CST:

Emergency maintenance is going on now. There is no known time when the API will be up and stable.
Sorry for inconvenience and your patience is appreciated.


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