Weather from the internet

I am looking for a way to get the temperature outside at my house from an internet source. I do not have a temp sensor outside and would like to be able to pull it from Weather underground or somewhere via a virtual temp sensor to use in rules. Has anyone got a good way of doing this?


There are apps for getting info from a PWS (Personal weather station) like

But I'm not aware on one where you can get info from Weather Underground without having a PWS of your own which is contributing to WU as they now require that to get an access key for their API.

Take a look at this community driver

You can use it without your own PWS.

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You can also simply add a virtual device using the built-in OpenWeatherMap driver. No custom code required for basic weather data.


didnt see it thank you sir

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need link to the device code.. getting 404 thanks

The options keep coming, you can also use the Hubigraph weather tile that hooks into open weather map.

You can also look at an EcoWitt pws like I have, which there is a driver for on the community, plus you can use it to feed the Hubigraph weather tile.