Weather-Display Driver

Updated both versions to V1.4.0 I decided to not show all possible measurements and instead only show the units that were selected in the driver (F or C, In or mm, Kph or Mph, etc....) This significantly reduced the number of lines in the code and makes the 'Current States' presentation much more readable. All data available can still be seen in the log if that option is selected.

I have incorporated a logging filter (substantially taken from @Cobra 's code, Thanks!) so you can choose to see more detailed logging for debugging or general information, but then you can turn that off for a greatly reduced logging level when things are running well.

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Both WU and APIXU versions updated to V1.5.0 with various improvements and bug fixes. Adapted @bangali's implementation of the code contribution from @jebbett to use some cool weather icons.

Updated both APIXU and Wunderground driver versions so that the icons are being pulled from my github repository (so I do not burden or use any resources from @bangali's file location). I recommend anyone using these drivers download the icons to their own location and update the driver to pull from there.


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I have started a new thread for the new, improved driver version. The old one will remain, but will not be updated/developed further.


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