Way OT, but need router recommendation

This is so NOT a Hubitat question, but there are a lot of smart, experienced, pragmatic folks here, so here goes.

What I need is a dual wan router recommendation to replace my existing Peplink Balance 30 LTE. Here are my requirements:

  • Minimum 2 WAN ports (open to 3, prefer gigabit, but not essential as my primary/fastest WAN, Starlink, will top out at about 150-180 mbps, at least for the near term future)
  • Supports both load balancing and failover, preferably using its own algorithm to "figure things out", without a need for manual switching (WANs will be Starlink and fixed wireless, which can each go out from time to time on a daily basis)
  • Need to support at least 4 VLANs (business, home, guests, IOT devices)
  • Wifi access will be over APs mounted in min 2/max 5 locations, so I do NOT need the router to have wifi, and would prefer it did not
  • and here's the kicker... Need to be able to set up a static route out to the Starlink dish, from the LAN, because...

Starlink gives you a typical "consumer grade" (kinda crappy) almost completely NON-configurable router that cannot support bridge mode and that you don't really need except for access to the Starlink app, but which allows you to access the diagnostics and info on things like % of time the dish is obstructed. Well, it turns out you don't really even need the router for that IF - big if - you can reach, which is the dish itself. The problem is, the dish can't function as a router, so this would require a static route out to that address. Well, my current dual WAN router, an otherwise great Peplink Balance 30 LTE, can't do a static route out to the WAN, because it turns out Peplink doesn't permit it (Grrrr - I and others are ticked about this). It seems many have tried it, and it's a "Peplink thing" for the Balance series, for reasons I don't understand.

Anyway... If anyone is still reading this long post and would be kind enough to suggest a good router that meets these criteria I'm all ears. My current front runner is the now-rather-ancient Linksys LRT224 as I've used it before, but I don't know if it will support that static route out to the WAN, and it's been around for a long time now. Budget is $500, but I can be persuaded to go higher if necessary. Thanks in advance.

Consider going with pfsense and looking into a multi eth device.

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I think that a UniFi USG would meet your needs. Pick out the UniFi APs and switches of your choice. I run the UniFi controller software on Linux.

Here's some chatter from a person that set up the static route correctly for Starlink:

Here's some discussion about failover configuration for dual-WAN. I haven't used dual-WAN personally, so I can't comment on the experience with load-balancing. Maybe @JasonJoel would have a thought.


Thank You, @tomw and @dannyzen. Greatly appreciated!

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If looking at PFSense also consider OPNSense.


But l think @tomw's idea is the way to go if you can afford it.. very nice interface and control. I don't own a USG (currently running OPNSense on a white box) but have some POE switches, Wifi APs and a cloud key and management has been great.