Water Temperature

I’m trying to find a good way to monitor water temperature in my swimming pool. I’d love to have something that can report;
-pool water temperature
-temperature of water coming from solar heating
-temperature of water coming from heat pump

For now, I’ve taped a Sensative Comfort strip to the suction line going to my pump as a proxy of sorts for the pool water temp.

But, what I really would like to get are real temperature thermistors that could actually measure the water temperature directly and report back to hubitat.

I’ve found some devices like those from Qubino that have inputs for temperature sensors. However, the temp sensor from Qubino obviously isn’t meant for a swimming pool. I’ve found proper pool thermistors from Pentair and others, but I have no idea if they can report to something like the Qubino….


If you're a tinkerer maybe you can build your own using below from @ogiewon

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Thermistors are thermistors. As long as you keep the same ohms, and same direction (positive temperature or negative temperature coefficient) you can use any matching thermistor that is right for the application.

Usually it will say something like 10K NTC or similar in the specifications for the sensor, or for the probe itself. As long as that matches, you are fine.

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Does anyone know if I can use this 10K Ohm Thermistor in place of the Qubino ZMNHEA1 attached to a Qubino relay?