Watch out if you're plugging Wyzecams into Ikea Tradfri USB repeaters

The tradfri repeater draws very little power, about 0.03amp, possibly a tiny bit higher if actively tranmitting many commands???-(ignore accumulated power from prior battery pack testing)

See attached


These readings didn't seem right to me, so for comparison I checked the power requirements for an Xbee. They use only 31mA in receive mode and 48mA (or 120mA for the pro) in transmit mode. So, yeah, these numbers could be right. I just had no idea that the radio was that low powered. I mean, for comparison, an ESP8266 board when it's transmitting wifi can use up to 400mA. That's 20x as much! I knew zigbee was low-power but i had no idea it was THAT low power. I've said it every day for the past 5 days here on the learn something new every day. :slight_smile:


Did you do some more testing maybe? I just had a bunch of zigbee stuff fallen of my mesh. Unplugged two of my three repeaters and everything went back up. Will go test tomorrow of those two are dead now. Also is the psu of the repeater broken or the actual repeater. And how do you know it's broken, is the LED off?