Washer Dryer Rule

I need some help on this, what i want to do the laundry manager and better laundry manager wont seem to work. When the power level Decreases below 6 for 5 minutes or longer I want the light to turn on and turn orange while repeating on alexa to switch laundry to dryer. I want alexa to repeat and light to stay orange until vibration sensor is active then have the light go back to white and turn off. Here is what i have so far alexa keeps repeating and lights will not reset.

The first thing I'd concentrate on is logic that can figure out when your washing machine is done. There are many ways you could do this, and yours would probably work too, but here's something I wrote for myself that I think is pretty clean:

Trigger events: Power level of Washing Machine Plug reports >= 30.0

Actions to run:

Wait for event: Power level of Washing Machine Plug <= 20.0
Wait for event: --> elapsed time: 0:01:00
Notify notification device: "The washing machine is done!"

This rule is likely to trigger less often than yours, and the "done detection" part is a bit less awkward. However, you may need to adjust the wattage levels I'm monitoring (to suit your power monitoring reports, as seen from the device; or the characteristics of your washing machine vs. mine) or the timeout, which I have at 1 minute and is usually OK but it looks like you have 5 minutes in your rule, which should work, too (and perhaps you've already tested that much).

Then comes the repeat. I'm assuming you've already verified that your vibration sensor is a reliable source for this information (should be after the washer has stopped unless you have creaky floors), but I suppose that's worth mentioning first. For that, I'd refer to various patterns you can find in this helpful post that I often refer people to: How to get Repeated Notifications using Rule Machine

Putting this all together, I think you could do something like:

Trigger events: Power level of Washing Machine Plug reports >= 30.0

Actions to run:

Wait for event: Power level of Washing Machine Plug <= 20.0
Wait for event: --> elapsed time: 0:01:00
Set color: Laundry Color 1, Laundry Color 2 -> Orange -> Level: 100
IF (Washer - Vibration inactive then) REPEAT every 0:00:30 (stoppable)
  Speak: "%device% is done; put the clothes in the dryer."
  Wait for event: Washer - Vibration active
  Stop Repeating Actions
  Set Color Temperature: Laundry Color 1, Laundry Color 2 -> 5000 -> Level: 100
  Off: Laundry Room

I think this might actually be better broken into two separate rules (I think the inside of my repeat is a bit awkward, but it should do what you said as long as that is exactly what you want--but isn't very flexible if it isn't). One of the rules could trigger on the washing machine becoming "done" (run rule actions for this new rule when you get to that point in the above rule) and set a global variable to track whether the door has been opened since the machine was done; then the repeat could work a bit more like the examples you see in the other thread--I've never tested anything like the above with a "Wait" inside a repeat, but I think it should work since you'll only move past the "Wait" if the event happens, meaning you opened the door...but I'd feel more comfortable with the more-tested solution. :slight_smile: But that is a bit more complicated to set up.

Here is what I have for my washing sensor.

Much simpler as it will only trigger once rather than on every increase, then wait for it to go into stand by. You might need to tweak it depending on how long your activity sensor stays active for. I just turn off the power to signal the end. Though i might add the activity sensor idea to mine.

I use variables as this is a pretty generic rule I clone for my rice machine and rotisserie with different power levels as its easier to edit 1 variable than 2 conditions.

Hope this helps.

Oh Also, if you want to get to know the characteristics of a device I would recommend creating a HubiGraph.

thank you!! It seems to be working, I can always work from here.

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