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I'm new to Hubitat but not to smart home. I was running Vera plus for a few years got tired of the constant off line status and a few other things. So I bought a hubitat last week. It was running beautiful up until an update last night and now there's an update today. Hubtat is slow and dashboard is just way messed up. Status not updating on some devices and slow to respond. Did a Zwave repair same problems.

Wow,...... that's like double the amount of updates that Vera had in almost 2 years


thats very true but sad thing is my zwave devices never acted like this

Hi Shawn, thought I'd say welcome to a new member! I don't have much help for you though...

My guess is the main question will be what, if anything, have you also done before the update that could have slowed it down? Specifically staff is always interested in what custom apps and drivers you are using, if any. If you have any, you should disable them to see if they are the issue.

If you don't have any custom apps or drivers, or after disabling them and a reboot you still have the issue, I think you'll need help from the Experts/Staff as I haven't seen any similar complaints about the latest updates.

Don't get discouraged - the support here is great.

Follow the provided link, when migrating it will make the process much easier How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

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yeah that's the problem I migrated wrong lol... Zwave mesh is strong and unless it's some magic guide which I think read when i was looking into switching to hubitat. Didn't have any problems pairing zwave devices the problems came after updating and actually using the built in dashboard and not sharptools. Reverting back to older firmware to see if that helps.

Reverted back to and did a zwave repair everything is back to normal. I'll give the update another try see what gives.

Relax. You were just being offered the standard advice that's given to those getting started with HE. There is a methodology to how one can build out a Z-Wave mesh topology. Good luck.

Did you try a soft reboot? I find that the first boot up after an update can be wonky and make a habit of rebooting immediately.

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Hey @shawnx1 welcome to HE! I think you'll find in time the regular updates are a nice change from vera and the quick update after the first (there have been multiple in the past, so you might wake up to one tomorrow too!) are also a nice sign as they are fixing issues found by the community in what is amazingly short order (it's rare to see 24 hour turnarounds on bugs :slight_smile: ).

Bummer to hear that you've got issues going on the new update.

One thing to check is the "Logs" area, see if something is spewing a bunch of messages quickly into the log.

Looking forward to hear how your update goes this time around. I'm not an expert but I didn't see anything in the update that would mess with a zwave mesh and cause issues like that.

If you upgrade and have dashboard issues can you post some specific examples of those issues? The forum software does let you paste an image in, so if you use window's snipping tool (or snip n sketch) you can just copy the output and then hit paste / CTRL+V in the forum editor. that way we can see what is going on.

Good luck on the update and transition from Vera!

One of my rules in rule machine was doing this. It was trying to change state of a switch like 20x on an event because the rule I wrote was garbage. I cleaned it up and now single event but it really made the system lag.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I couldn't figure out exactly what was going on after the update, I think it was a combination of things. Starting with the 5 Aeon multisensors 6 sending status reports every minute. I can't remember if I set them up that way when I was using Vera or if default driver sets them up that way? I have no clue why this wasn't a problem when using the prior firmware. Ended up using a custom driver for them, all is working well now with the latest update. The transition from Vera to Hubitat was flawless and so simple after dealing with Vera for a few years. When I started having problems after the update I was like ugh here we go again, here comes the hrs or years of frustration just like with vera. I hope this company does well and stays in business because this products is probably the best of it's kind even better then the I guess you call them professional grade ones like control 4 IMHO