Was and Becomes Equivalent

I have a leak sensor the has a built in acceleration sensor. I am using it to determine if the dryer is on/off based on vibration. With that said the sensor basically has 3 parts. Inactive while the dryer just sits there, active why the dryer is running, and inactive again when the dryer is finished.

What I am wondering is if there is an equivalent to this:

If the vibration sensor was inactive and becomes active then exit rule (in case the dryer was bumped)
If the vibration sensor was active and becomes inactive then speak dryer has finished

Is there a way @bravenel to simulate "was and becomes"? thanks

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Rules are triggered by events. So, when your sensor changes to active the rule will run once. When it becomes inactive, the rule will run once.

So, RM basically already works the way you’re wanting it to, I believe.

Use changed as the trigger. Something like:

  Vibration sensor *changed*

  IF Vibration sensor Active THEN
    exit rule
    speak finished message
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That is incorrect. You do not need to use changed as the trigger and you do not need to use a conditional rule. Simply having the trigger as "inactive" is enough. Then it will only trigger when the sensor goes from Active to Inactive. You also don't need the conditional rule if you only want the action on Inactive. That's how the triggers in rule machine work. They are not stateful...they only trigger on events.

Understood. Just trying to show the op how to set up what he actually asked for.


But what he actually asked for is exactly what I said.

Trigger: Sensor Becomes Invactive

Action: Send Notification.

That's EXACTLY what the OP asked for. You do not need a conditional action. That's the whole point of having the trigger. It doesn't have to be changed. Having the trigger of Inactive means changing from Active to Inactive....because that's the only time an event is created.

Unless I am missing something I still don't think anyone has exactly like the OP wants,

As shown, if the dryer gets bumped and goes from active to inactive, then he will receive a notification that the dryer has finished.

I don't think the rule suggestions discussed accomplish that. So if the dryer is "inactive" and gets bumped, then the sensor will go to active. But when the sensor goes back to inactive, then an alert will be sent without the dryer actually doing anything.

Again, maybe I am overthinking it.

This is correct. There will need to be a delay put into the rule, a conditional action, and cancel, to accomplish ruling out the false inactive event from sending the alert.

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I see what you're saying. I think we need @razorwing to clarify the requirements for this automation. I focused on the "Was" and "Becomes" portion of the original post, more so than solving the laundry cycle notification aspect of the request.

@razorwing, please explain your requirements in a little more detail so the community can provide the correct assistance. It sounds like you're trying to avoid false notifications due to someone simply bumping the machine. Is that correct? If so, what we need to do is only send a notification if the sensor was active for at least a certain duration, and then goes inactive. Is that what you're trying to accomplish? If so, we can probably create a simple Rule Machine rule that utilizes Private Boolean (PB) to know if the laundry has been running for at least x minutes. Then use PB as part of the 'inactive' logic to know whether or not to send the notification.

Yes, the problem I am having trouble with is having the rule ignore the inactive to active part which would include bumping it, open/close door, etc.. So any help with a rule would be much appreciated.

Looks as if there is either a problem with the device HS-LS100+ or the driver. I place the sensor on the side of the dryer where it vibrates. When the dryer starts up the Acceleration goes to Active which is correct. But when the dryer stops the sensor never returns to the inactive state.

How do we determine if the problem is the device or the driver?

This is what is in the log. This looks like a huge problem.

dev:27702019-12-30 09:58:55.303 pm warnSensor values will be requested the next time the device wakes up. To refresh the data immediately, click the refresh button and then immediately push the physical button on the device

Looks like it will not update the Acceleration data until it wakes up again. That could be hours!
This is not the right device for this.

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Agreed, and agree.